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Solar Canopies

Solar Canopies

Solar parking canopies offer a perfect solution for businesses and municipalities that want to utilize solar power but don't have enough roof space to adequately reduce their electric bills. Ideal for parking lots or facilities with equipment yards, solar canopies generate solar electric power, reduce energy costs, and provide protection from the harsh summer sun or inclement weather. Parking canopies also allow businesses to showcase their commitment to renewable energy because the solar panels are in plain view for everyone to see and not hidden away on a rooftop.

The parking canopy is a steel structure featuring a patented, dual-incline, cantilevered design. The elegant, architectural structure transforms outdoor parking lots into attractive solar energy plants. The solar energy system portion of the canopy combines high efficiency solar modules, each equipped with a micro-inverter, and monitoring to provide a highly efficient and productive energy resource.

Features and Benefits:

Protection & Security

Provides large areas of continuous shelter for vehicles and pedestrians from sun, rain, and snow. Prevents unwanted access to solar system.

Water/Snow Management

Unique decking, gutter, and drainage system captures and redirects both rainwater and snow melt to protect pedestrians, vehicles, and cleared areas from precipitation.

Integrated Lighting Fixtures

High efficiency LED lighting fixtures ensure parking area is adequately illuminated while avoiding excessive and undesirable terrestrial lighting.

Branding & Advertisement

Creates a high-impact, highly visible green PR statement. Canopy surfaces are ideal for display of corporate logos, brand colors or outdoor media.

Electrical Vehicle Charging Station

Integrates with any commercially available electric vehicle charging station.

System Monitoring

On-line monitoring of each module and inverter ensures that system is operating at its highest efficiency. Video surveillance may also be integrated.


Solar energy system carries a 25 year warranty on modules and micro-inverters. Under-performing modules or inverters can be quickly identified and replaced.


The combination of Investment Tax Credits, depreciation, electrical savings, and SREC revenues ensures the solar canopies will be paid for within 6 years.