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Solar Micro-Inverters

Micro-inverters convert DC electricity from a single solar panel to AC electricity. The AC electricity from multiple micro-inverters is then combined and sent straight to the home or facility's distribution panel for consumption.

Attaching a micro-inverter to each solar module in a solar array enables the micro-inverter to optimize the power available from the module and combine the electricity produced with the output from all other micro-inverters. This approach optimizes the energy production and results in a solar system that is resilient to environmental factors, is more reliable, and simplifies design, installation and system monitoring.

Traditional solar installations consist of strings of serially connected solar modules that are combined and fed to an inverter. The output of any string can be impaired by an under-performing module that is affected by shade, dust, debris, or reduced performance. Over the lifetime of the solar system, weak modules within strings can significantly impair the overall performance of the system.

Solar Micro-Inverters

Features & Benefits

More Productive

  • Allows for 5 - 12% increased power harvest per module
  • Maximizes output from each module
  • Prevents under-performing modules from affecting other modules
  • Better “low-light” performance than traditional inverters


  • Standard 15 year warranty vs. 10 year warranty for other inverters
  • Allows quicker and simpler module troubleshooting


  • Eliminates the need for combiner boxes and string wiring, thus reducing overall wiring, conduit, and miscellaneous components
  • Avoids space requirements and noise from central inverters


  • Monitoring output from each micro-inverter enables the performance of each module to be observed
  • Alert conditions are automatically generated and transmitted to service personnel
  • Aggregated production data is periodically transmitted to owners, investors, or SREC brokers


  • Eliminates system downtime due to central inverter failure
  • Eliminates the risks associated with high-voltage DC string wiring


  • Ensures maximum power at all times
  • Optimizes system revenue for years