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Solar Compatibility

The amount of electricity generated on a particular property depends on how much of the sun's energy reaches it. Before you invest too much time in solar electric systems, you'll want to be sure your property is exposed to enough sunlight to meet your electricity needs efficiently and economically.

Is Your Home Solar Compatible?

The following is a list of factors that may affect the suitability of your home for installing a solar electric system:

Roof Orientation - Is there a roof facing south (or close to south) that may be used to mount solar panels? In order to maximize the efficiency of a solar energy system installed on your property, solar panels should face south or as close to south as possible. Technically, you can install a solar system facing any direction, but the more that panels are angled away from the south, the less electricity your system can generate.

Shading - Is your roof sunny for at least 7 to 8 hours each day, all year round? Any partial or temporary shading may cause you to lose as much as 40% of the potential output of your solar electric system. (Solar panels equipped with micro-inverters may be recommended to help reduce your output loss due to shade.)

Ground Mounting - If the roof cannot be used for mounting panels, is there a sunny space on your property for a ground mounted array?

Electric Utility - Are you connected to an electric utility that is participating in the NJCEP rebate program (such as JCP&L, PSE&G, or ORU)?

Compatibility Examples


The roof is directly facing south and there are no objects in the way that could potentially cast a shadow over the solar panels.


Orientation of roof (towards the east) and occasional tree may not be ideal for solar. A site survey would be necessary to confirm application.


The quantity and location of trees around the house will cause too much shading over the roof throughout the day, making this house unsuitable for solar unless all shading trees are removed.

See what category your home falls into by looking at a bird's eye view map. If you meet all the requirements mentioned above or still aren't sure, request a free site assessment and a Bysolar consultant will contact you within 1 business day to schedule a survey your home and provide you with a proposal and economic analysis.