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Recharging the Battery Bank

Ensuring that the batteries are charged is a critical element of an energy management system.  The battery bank has several ways to recharge itself and stay in optimum service condition.

  • On Sunny Days

    The batteries are recharged from the solar system.

  • On Cloudy Days

    If it's necessary, the battery bank is recharged with electricity from the utility company during "off-peak" periods.

  • At Night

    The batteries are recharged by "off-peak" electricity from the utility company.

  • During an Extended Blackout

    During periods of several days when there is insufficient sunlight to maintain a reliable supply of electricity, the batteries may be recharged from an external source, such as a gas generator, fuel cell, or hybrid car.

    Even if an external generator is needed to supply electricity to the battery backup during a blackout that spans an extended amount of time, routing the electricity through the batteries and delivering the power throughout the house via the inverter guarantees that your appliances will receive a constant flow of high quality electricity (and thus reduce the risk of damage to the appliances).