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How Energy Storage Works

Because an energy storage system combines renewable and traditional power technologies, it can operate in different modes under various circumstances to provide your home with the most cost effective and energy efficient outcome.

  • On Sunny Days

    The solar panels will fully charge the batteries and provide free solar electricity throughout the home. Any surplus electricity generated by the solar system will be sent to the utility grid, turning your meter backwards, for credit.

  • On Cloudy Days

    If the solar panels are unable to generate electricity during "on-peak" periods, power will be supplied from the battery bank to conserve energy costs. 

  • At Night

    At night, during "off-peak" periods, electricity from the utility is used to power the house and recharge the batteries.

  • During a Utility Brownout

    Rain or shine, the system will immediately sense the power disturbance and start distributing electricity from the solar panels or batteries. The system will limit electric usage within the house to selected circuits and also ensure that quality power is provided to motorized appliances.

  • During a Utility Blackout

    The system will automatically respond to the power failure and distribute electricity from the solar panels or batteries to essential circuits throughout the house.