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Why depend on a backup system that burns gasoline or propane when you can utilize a battery bank that is powered entirely with clean energy from the sun? Solar powered batteries provide an extremely reliable system for keeping the lights on - even when the utility company's power fails.

  • Economic Benefits

    1. The purchase qualifies for a 30% Federal Tax Credit
    2. Earn revenues from the sale of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)
    3. Reduce "on-peak" electrical usage and lowers monthly bills
    4. Send electricity back to the utility company for a credit
    5. Requires minimal maintenance
    6. The typical Annual Rate of Return isĀ 25%, so you can recoup your investment in as quickly as 4 years!
  • Environmental Benefits

    1. Primarily utilizes sunlight, a free and limitless renewable resource
    2. A clean alternative to gas or propane powered generators
    3. Reduces overall consumption of fossil fuels
    4. Completely silent operation
    5. Does not emit CO2 or other toxic fumes
    6. Safe for the environment
  • Peace of Mind Advantage

    1. Seamlessly delivers electricity during utility outages
    2. Continuously monitors and reports performance via internet
    3. Automatically sends status reports via cell phone during emergencies
    4. When traveling, have peace of mind that your system is self-monitoring and can operate by itself.