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Lease a Solar Electric System

Leasing a solar panels is a good option when the lender takes advantage of available tax credits. The lender can offer terms whereby monthly payments are less than the income derived from the sale of SRECs and the electrical savings, resulting in an immediate positive cash flow from the date of installation.

There are two types of solar leases:

  1. Capital Lease
    The business owner (lessee) can immediately benefit from electrical savings while making a fixed number of payments (on an agreed upon schedule) instead of having to take out a loan to handle the transaction. The lessee also has the option to purchase the system once the payments have been settled in full. 
  2. Operating Lease
    This type of lease is beneficial for businesses who only want to use, not purchase, a solar electric system on a short-term basis and want to keep their lease out of their financial statements. The business is responsible for a lower monthly lease payment and is able to write off 100% of each payment.