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Solar Benefits

Relying on the utility company for our electricity was convenient in the past, but electricity generated by fossil fuels is no longer easy to acquire or cheap to consume. Concern for unpredictable energy bills, an aging infrastructure, energy independence, and climate change have encouraged many people to seek out solar energy solutions for their businesses or homes due to its numerous advantages.


Unlike oil, coal, or natural gas, solar energy will not run out until the sun stops shining (which is still a few billion years away). Unfortunately, we will run out of fossil fuels much sooner and, as the supplies begin to decrease, they will become increasingly expensive. Switching to a renewable energy source such as solar power means that you only have to pay for the equipment to convert sunlight to electricity; after that, the sun's energy is free!

Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy benefits the environment. Although there is some pollution created in the process of solar panel manufacturing, this pollution is minimal compared to that of fossil fuels being used as an energy source day in and day out. Once finished and installed as part of a solar electric system, solar panels give off zero pollution as they convert sunlight to electricity. This means no greenhouse gases, fumes, chemicals, particular matter, etc. are released into the air.


In comparison to other energy sources, solar power devices make absolutely no noise during their operation.

Minimal Maintenance

Unless the solar panels are mounted on a tracking system, solar devices have no moving parts that need to be monitored. Other than occasionally rinsing them off to keep the panels free of fallen leaves, pollen, or bird droppings, no other maintenance is necessary.

Cost Effective

Although solar energy systems require an initial investment to cover the cost of the equipment and labor, there are no recurring costs to generate electricity from the sun. In an effort to help make solar more affordable, various financial incentives are being offered by the federal government and State of New Jerseythat will help a system owner pay it off within a shorter period of time and benefit financially from the amount of solar power that is generated.

Additionally, anyone who installs a solar electric system will be able to reduce their electric bills while some system owners will be fortunate enough to generate excess electric and get credited from their local utility company.