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It’s Tuesday morning and northern New Jersey is still smarting from the surprise winter storm that hit us Saturday night. Many residents and businesses are still without power and the long lines at the gas station indicate that many people are using gas power generators to preserve some comfort in this cold weather. No one knows how much gas these people will consume while they wait for their power to come back on, not even the electric companies. I can’t help but wonder if people know that there is a less painful and more efficient way to deal with power outages – it’s called a solar energy storage system.

An energy storage system, also known as a battery backup system, is exactly what it sounds like. It stores energy and becomes a reliable, uninterrupted source of electricity for your home or business if you lose power. When it’s combined with a solar energy system installation, the battery backup is recharged by the electricity generated from the solar panels during high production periods so you’re not charged an additional usage fee from your utility company.

Many people mistakenly think that a solar system alone can keep electricity flowing to your home or business. A solar electric system will automatically shut down if there’s a power outage so that electricity isn’t being routed through the power lines while they are being repaired. However, it’s a different story if a solar electric system is connected to a battery backup system. In this case, as soon as you lose power, the battery backup will automatically begin providing essential circuits in your building with its stored electricity and the solar electric system will continue to charge the batteries as long as there is sunlight. This combination system can keep your building running for days if your utility power is down. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything – no starting generators, no refueling generators, no pushing buttons or flicking switches – because it’s all automatic!

Providing emergency power is only one benefit of a solar energy storage system. Economically, it allows you to better manage your energy usage and decrease your electric bill. Environmentally, it’s a clean alternative to gas or propane fueled generators, it’s completely silent, and it doesn’t emit any toxic fumes.

Whether it’s due to a snow storm, thunder storm, or occasional hurricane that makes it this far north, many New Jersey residents anticipate losing their power for several days at a time at least once a year now. Unfortunately, this trend isn’t likely to change in the future. Especially if you’re in an area that easily loses power, purchasing a solar electric/energy storage combination system may well be worth the price for the peace of mind it offers.

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