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What to Expect

While more homes and businesses are installing solar electric systems across the country, the majority of people are still unfamiliar with the steps involved in a solar installation. We at Bysolar strive to educate our customers on solar energy and inform them of what to expect when they decide to install a solar energy system. We want our customers to feel comfortable at all times during the process and never doubt their decision to go solar.

So you've decided you want to install a solar electric system. Now what?

The next step, of course, is to request Bysolar's a free solar site assessment. After your request has been submitted, a Bysolar representative will contact you and ask a few questions about your home or facility to make sure it is a good candidate for solar panels (see Solar Compatibility for more details). If your property is suitable for a solar energy system, our solar application team will then survey the proposed location and determine the most energy efficient solution possible.

Once the initial research is complete, we will present the findings to you along with a complete proposal including costs, drawings, and installation schedule. If our proposal meets your expectations, the next step will be to sign the contract and pay the deposit stated in the contract. As soon as this is completed, Bysolar can begin applying for permits and ordering supplies for the installation.

Following the approval of all pertinent rebate applications and delivery of building permits, Bysolar's turnkey solar services continue with our hands-on installation process. Starting with the mounting racks and ending with the system commissioning, all equipment is carefully installed and wired in order to properly connect to the grid and monitor the system’s performance.

After the system installation is completed and we've received approval from the necessary inspectors, your solar system will be turned on to immediately begin saving you money. Even after its start-up, we’ll monitor your system’s performance to make sure it continues to function at peak efficiency.

See our Turnkey Services page for more detailed information regarding Bysolar's installation process.