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Turnkey Services

Turnkey Solar

The hardest part of going solar should be making the decision to go solar. Let Bysolar make the rest of the process easy with our turnkey solar energy solutions.

Our start to finish services include the following project phases:

  1. Site Appraisal

    Bysolar performs a free site assessment to evaluate your facility for solar compatibility and determine the best placement of solar panels.

  2. Applications

    We complete all necessary applications that need to be submitted prior to the system installation, such as building and electrical permit applications, as well as those for SREC registration and interconnection.

  3. Equipment Selection

    Based on the area selected for the installation and the energy needs of the company or residence, Bysolar will select the best equipment at the best price for your project. These include: solar panels, inverters, combiners, mounting systems, and system/string monitoring equipment. Bysolar will inform you as to which equipment has been selected before the installation begins.

  4. System Design

    Bysolar will design the system's layout and wiring configuration based on the equipment selected for your solar installation.

  5. Installation Services

    After all installation materials have been procured, Bysolar's own installation crew will be on hand to manage and install your solar power system. In the event that your facility requires additional work prior to the installation (ie: equipment removal, roof repairs, structural analysis, etc), Bysolar has alliances with local electrical contractors, structural engineers, roofing companies and other specialized trades that will help keep your project on track.

  6. System Commissioning

    The system will be turned on to closely evaluate the operation of the string wiring, combiners, and inverters before the final inspections. Bysolar will address any items that need attention and fine tune the system to ensure that all equipment and wiring is operating at peak performance.

  7. Post Installation Documentation

    We attend all inspections by government and utility officials in order to answer questions and get feedback. We also assist our customers in completing the necessary paperwork for utility interconnection and SREC registration. Only when these documents are accurately completed and submitted can you take full advantage of your system's benefits with Net Metering and SREC sales.

  8. System Monitoring

    Just because your solar electric system is up and running doesn't mean Bysolar has completely moved on to other projects. We will continue to monitor your system's electrical output to ensure that it is performing as anticipated.

If you have any questions about Bysolar's turnkey or individual services, call us at (973) 784-4191 or schedule a free site assessment.